Welcome to Asia Escrow Services,
your experienced and professional stock transfer agents.

We provide customized technologies for stock and shareholder management, serving as a trusted neutral third-party escrow and depository agent for high-value corporate financial transactions. Our focus is on delivering excellent customer service for every transaction, every time.

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Why Us?

Our extensive knowledge, combined with our open, API-enabled technology and methodologies, ensures quick and consistent outcomes. This allows our clients to optimize their processes and achieve their goals efficiently.

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Features and Advantages

Asia Escrow Services is a licensed broker dealer specializing in the issuing, dealing, and settlement of private and other exempt securities.

Provisions for Brokers and Dealers

S, R, A+, and RegD securities are all managed by Asia Escrow. We also supervise compliance for financial institutions securities activities. The electronic communication is distributed through our platform providing security holders peace of mind.


Broker-dealers, fund managers, banks, private issuers, and funding platforms can use Asia Escrow Services's technology-based investment solutions to gain access to private investment markets. We offer the following services:
• Marketplace-as-a-Service (MaaS)
• API Transactions

Escrow Provisions

Our team has extensive experience with private securities and can guide you through the whole capital raising process, from escrow through receiving payments, processing returns, handling funds, and terminating the account.

Transactions Across Borders

International transactions can be handled by Asia Escrow Services in major currencies such as the US dollar, Euro, British pound, RMB, Australian dollar, and twenty other prominent foreign currencies.

Open Transparency

Transparency is the cornerstone of a well-functioning regulatory process. Email and SMS notifications are sent to all stakeholders at each stage of the transaction life-cycle, ensuring complete transparency and eliminating any uncertainty.


Underwriting is the entry point for depository and book-entry transfer services at Asia Escrow. Services offered through the Underwriting group offer efficiencies in the capital markets and reduce risk to participants by automating and facilitating the distribution and settlement of new and secondary issues.